Auzra Network Advocacy Resolve Inc.

Our Objective

To advocate for the Hazara diaspora in Queensland (Diaspora) and for the rights of Hazara asylum seekers and refugees.

To help new and old Hazara asylum seekers and refugees in Queensland with the identity and mental health issues they face and help them to connect with other Diaspora members and communities in Queensland.

Refugee Support

We aim to organize appropriate arrangements to facilitate art therapy projects, sports tournaments and other gatherings for Hazara asylum seekers and refugees.

Beyond Asylum

We look into avenues of assisting Hazara asylum seekers and refugees assimilate into the multicultural environment in Queensland.

We Campaign

We seek to initiate campaigns and events to promote awareness about the right of vulnerable Hazara Diaspora especially women and children wherever they are being subjugated. 

We Insipire

We aim to find and work with Hazara Diaspora artists, emerging leaders and activists to aspire young generation of our Diaspora.

Our numbers that speak

We managed to reach the audience of over 1 million people during our Census Campaign. We are happy to have contributed in promotion of census participation of our Hazara Diaspora.

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